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There is nothing that gives us more happiness than, not only fill, but exceed the expectations of service to those who have dedicated months to plan their dream event. After 8 years of experience, our Pastry Chef, Natalia Clavell realized that this was the most she enjoyed doing. D'vine Cakes by Chef Clavell is a family project where we specialize in making beautiful cakes for weddings and other events. We are passionate about giving our work that special and unique touch that makes our clients fall in love with their dream cake already come true. We like to create delicate pieces that make the guests of your event take away an extraordinary memory of how delicious and beautiful the cake of the activity was. We work classic flavors, as different flavors and with the option of including fillings, because we must not forget that the cake is the dessert of an activity, a sweet memory that will take home those who enjoy it. If you want your dream cake to come true, contact us for a pleasant and unforgettable experience.


Our cake designer

Chef Natalia Clavell

As soon as graduated from Culinary School,

Natalia started baking pastries for nearby restaurants. Her passion for weddings started when a very close friend ask her to make her wedding cake. It was her very first one. Working with the bride, generating ideas and preparing sugar pieces filled her with joy. 


After falling in love with cake decorating, she prepared herself taking numerous classes to perfection her job.

Right now Natalia have more than 14 years of experience and is a well-known Cake designer and a cake decorating instructor in Puerto Rico.

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